ERP-based scorecards give you more than you need, but Excel-based scorecards don't give you enough.

With our purpose-built, focused platform, LVRG empowers any team to collect meaningful data on the suppliers they engage - all with an easy to use, simplified platform.

The Status Quo

Over 72% of companies who score their suppliers do so in Excel. That means spreadsheets, version control, and email attachment chaos..

Problems with spreadsheet-based scoring:

  • Lack of credibility and transparency
  • Lack of standardization
  • No follow-up action assignment or tracking
  • Limited ability to survey multiple respondents on the same sheet
  • Advanced sheets require advanced skills to use and maintain
  • Poor design wastes time through inefficient use

The LVRG Alternative

LVRG was designed with the user in mind. With templates, automated surveying and beautified data visualizations, LVRG provides all the value with significantly less work. What’s more, LVRG tracks supplier performance over time - adding a new level of context to your supplier reviews.
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