The collaboration platform for powerful, insightful supplier performance management.


Performance Benchmarking

Accelerate and optimize time to value with your suppliers by defining company-wide supplier Goals and granular Key Performance Indicators to drive cost-savings.

Set overarching business goals with suppliers

Track contract clause agreements (KPIs) for rebate and cost-savings opportunities

Visualize and track critical metrics (e.g. spend, delivery rates, quantity)


Automated Reviews

Gain a 360-degree view of supplier performance for executive-level meetings, allowing you to identify areas of opportunity or issues and track trends over time.

Leverage balanced supplier scorecards

Use industry-best quick-start templates

Automate Surveying, both internally and externally

Share dynamic reports with data visualization


Action Item Tracking

Create and assign Action Items to collaborate with suppliers on shared P&L goals and objectives, driving continuous improvement. (checkout "For Suppliers" to learn more about customer/supplier interactions)

Assign internal and external participants

Track progress over time and include files and comments

Set accountability using due dates and reminders

Enable your suppliers to directly collaborate using the LVRG platform

Turn your Suppliers into Partners.

LVRG enables more effective collaboration between companies and their suppliers, driving continuous improvements and accountability. Introducing standardized supplier performance management across your supply base drives transparency and agreement in expectations and supplier deliverables.

LVRG empowers you to deliver world-class supplier performance management.

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Stay Secure

Security is our #1 priority. LVRG deploys world-class enterprise-grade security measures through robust architecture and protocols.
  • Data encryption at rest and in-transit
  • GDPR Ready
  • SOC II Type 2 Compliant-ready
  • CSA Star Registered
  • Single sign-on via standard authentication controls
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