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Elevate the role of Procurement.

At LVRG, we're on a mission to empower Procurement professionals with the data and tools they need to serve as a strategic advisor to the business.

About Hero

When procurement has a seat at the table, everyone wins.

  • 1.

    Stronger, more strategic supplier relationships

  • 2.

    Improved customer experience

  • 3.

    Increased leverage of spend and overall cost reduction

"When you and your team are sitting across the table from a key supplier, about to begin negotiating, the most potent weapon you can wield is insight"

-Supply Chain Leaders Academy

Successful negotiation is 80% preparation.

Gathering intelligence on your suppliers is a critical contributor to your success as a Procurement professional, and yet insightful supplier data can be fragmented and, at times, impossible to find.

LVRG connects Procurement professionals with the people and data they need. With intelligent relationship mapping, internal systems integrations and supplemental external data, LVRG delivers an insightful dashboard that makes you a stronger negotiator.

Unlock insights to save time and money today.