A new age in
supplier relationship management

LVRG helps you engage suppliers and track
performance so you scale your business with ease.

Your single source of truth for supplier data.

Supplier documents, contacts, activity history, and performance metrics - they're all organized together in LVRG.

Whether you're managing the day-to-day or preparing for supplier reviews, LVRG helps teams work together, faster.
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Increase efficiency

Forget the manual spreadsheets. LVRG auto-populates your supplier data so you can use your resources where it matters.

Work collaboratively

Share one source of data across your teams to enable more coordinated, productive engagements.

Track supplier performance

Easily review supplier performance metrics to facilitate data-driven performance reviews and inform strategic decision making.

and more...

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Build an innovative,
scalable business

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LVRG connects to your email to make you more efficient.

LVRG connects with G Suite and Office 365 to spare you from manual data entry and activity logging - giving you time back for more important things.


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