Leverage AI and your data to inform supply chain decisions.

Every great organization uses data-driven decisions to maximize growth, efficiency, and cost-savings.

Bespoke Marketplaces

Grow revenue, expand customer bases, increase retention, and strengthen strategic sourcing with a marketplace tailored to your industry and needs.

Supplier and Product Scores

Generate and compare quantitative and qualititative scores on each product and supplier throughout your supply chain to continuously surface massive cost-cutting opportunities.

Data-driven Decision Making

Bring fragmented and siloed data across your organization and your supply chain into a single platform to make real-time decisions.

Enterprise AI to Inform Procurement

Use artificial intelligence to predict failures, EOL, and replacements, to predict sourcing and purchasing needs, and to power intelligent procurement.

Learn from your data at an exponential rate with LVRG.

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"LVRG enables us to drive cost-saving initiatives, implement continuous improvement projects, and drive accountability across our entire supply chain using current and historical data."

Matt Gornstein, Director of Global Sourcing