Are you getting the maximum value from your suppliers?

LVRG improves supplier performance by over 26%* with automated, ongoing performance tracking.

* Aberdeen Supplier Performance Measurement Benchmarking Report

Gain a 360-degree view of supplier performance with Scorecards.

You have distributed teams interfacing with your supliers, but with Scorecards, you can still have a unified approach to managing those relationships and assessing ongoing performance metrics.
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Align suppliers with business goals and KPIs

Drive continous performance improvements in the areas that matter most to your company.

Alleviate supply chain risks

Identify areas of risk or underperformance before it impacts the business and reallocate spend accordingly.

Boost transparency and information sharing

Facilitate stronger collaboration and communication with both suppliers and the internal teams that support them, from anywhere in the world.

Align, engage and grow supplier relationships.

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